Capital City Volleyball Social and Masters Tournament 2017

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Results of 2017 Social & Masters Tournament

Competitive Open Grade Points Prizes awarded


Open Grade Winners:

Sparta Masters


Top Masters (40+) Team:

Sparta Masters


Social A Winners:

Power Rangers


Top Masters (40+) Team (Social A):

Gryphons Argentum


Social A Plate winners:



Social A Bowl winners:



Social B winners:

One Hit Wonders


Oldest Male Participant:

Hori Wyman


Oldest Female Participant:

Kanako Sos


First Entry Received

Wilbur (Sparta Masters)





1st Sparta Masters 40
2nd Wutang 26 (Ratio 1.5714)
3rd Chi 26 (Ratio 1.222)
4th Not the Face 25
5th We Take Ugly 22
6th Axis of Evil 17
7th No Hung Over 15
8th How I Set your Mother 12
9th The Mob 7
Social A Grade  
1st Power Rangers Final 2-0 (25-16, 25-13)
2nd Karasuno
3rd Pants
4th Team Jarey
5th Backyard Wildcats
6th Hitting Bricks
7th We Hate Paul
8th Gryphon Argentum
9th Triangles – PLATE WINNERS Final 2-0 (25-18, 25-16)
10th Thing 1
11th Gryphon Aurum
12th Stratford Young-ish
13th Misfits
14th Kapiti Kaos
15th Jap Bunnies
16th Gold Diggers
17TH Keep it in the Family – BOWL Final 2-0 (25-22,25-23)
18th Baby Boomers
19th Stratford Trouble
20th Shiratorizawa
21st AA Handles
22nd Wolfpack
23rd 3 Centuries
24th Thing 2
Social B Grade  
1st One Hit Wonders 40
2nd Baconators 30
3rd EZ Pass 25
4th Fat Ladies Sport 21 (Set Ratio 1.125)
5th Chandals 21 (Set Ratio .9)(Points ratio .9874)
6th I’d Hit That 21 (Set Ratio .9) (Points ratio .9315)
7th Hit Squad 12 (Set Ratio .5) (Points ratio .8579)
8th Shake N Bake 12 (Set Ratio .5) (Points ratio .8393)
9th Twenty Twenty 6


2018 Tournament November 17/18 – ASB Stadium Wellington.

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