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You can apply to enter a team in any of our three leagues.  We will put your team into the next available 9-11 week competition (subject to availability).  If you are really desperate to start early, we will try to put you into an existing competition that has already begun.

See information about our leagues for the details from costs through to our competition dates.

If you would like to enter a team, fill out your details in our online entry form or fill out the entry form below and send it to back to us by email or post.

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Or download our entry form and send it back to us

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Student teams (50% discount)

School or student teams will usually receive a 50% discount.  We understand that some teams will have a mix between adults and students and in that case the student can recieve a discount on their proportion of the team’s fee.

Work teams

We are GST registered and will provide an invoice on request.


All teams that enter our competition must agree to our rules.