General FAQ's

Generally speaking, the lowest grade will cater for those who have never played volleyball before, or who have only learnt to play in the last year. If you have two or more players who would fit into this category, then the lowest grade is usually the best place to start.

The highest grade will tend to include at least a few players who have played volleyball before at a club level or players who have played social volleyball for 5+ years.

If you are still unsure, you can contact us and we make sure we keep an eye on new teams to assess their grading level in the first week of games.

If you are keen to play for a team but can’t quite get enough people, then contact us and we’ll do our best to find other people like you or existing teams that are looking for an additional player.

Our lowest grades cater for beginners. You do not need to know how to play but you will need patience. Volleyball is a sport that requires a base level of skill, which may take a few weeks to develop. If you are new or learning to play, we would recommend that you participate in our learn to play lessons. The lessons are cheap and a great way to develop the base level of skill.

You’ll notice Wellington does not always have ideal conditions for the beach! It’s the wind rather than the temperature that causes the most problems.

We do however, have some beach volleyball nets and at least once or twice a year, we organize an informal (and free for those who play in our social leagues) beach volleyball tournament in the Wellington Region. This is usually run in the summer (understandably).

Contact us for a list of gear that you can purchase off us.

Every now and then our social players dabble in some club competitions for a bit of fun but our focus at Capital City Volley Incorporated is to run friendly social leagues in the Wellington region and promote volleyball. However, give us an email if you are interested in playing club level volleyball and we can give you a list of the local clubs as well as contact details.

Yes. absolutely. School teams are very welcome in our leagues and are usually entitled to a 50% discount. We have from time to time, organized entire grades which are just dedicated to school teams. Alternatively, school teams can learn some valuable skills and lessons by playing more experienced adult teams.

We are a incorporated society that promotes volleyball in Wellington. For more information, check out our about us page.