Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

When you enter a team or participate in our leagues you are agreeing to comply with these rules.

On entering every team must provide us with an email and cell phone contact.  If this contact person changes, please let us know.

Standard matchplay rules

Standard volleyball rules apply. The main rules to be aware of when refereeing are:

  • A player cannot touch the ball twice in a row (unless it is off a block).
  • Blocks that connect with the ball do not count as a first touch.
  • It is a net foul if a player touches any part of the net during game play (unless the oppositions ball propels the net into the player).
  • A player must not carry (or catch & throw) the ball during play.
  • The above carry rule is relaxed for the first touch of the ball that crosses the net.
  • Defending teams cannot block a player that is setting the ball on the other side of the net, unless that player is taking an attacking shot (one that would go over the net if not intercepted) or unless a part of the ball has crossed the plane of the net.
  • A ball that hits the line is ‘in’.

CCV Local Rules

  • It is a foul if a player’s whole foot is on or over the centre line.  This is a modification of the rules to prevent nasty injuries at a social level.
  • Sets are played to 25 points exactly (teams do not need to win by two points).
  • Games are played to time (meaning the last set is often incomplete).
  • If the ball contacts the roof and does not pass over the net, play can continue.
  • Serves may be made from within the dotted line marked on the Court.
  • Games run for 50 minutes.
  • Teams are encouraged to wear a team uniform but as from 2020 no uniform points will be taken.

Participation Rules

  • Teams that fail to provide at least four of their regular players technically default their games 3-0.  In this situation teams are encouraged to play a friendly game with their remaining available players and fill in players as required. If your team needs to default, please contact Ann Fowler so that she can alert the Court Supervisor.
  • Teams that use 1 or 2 (max) fill-in players and wish to avoid a default, must use players from the same grade or lower. Teams using players from a higher grade can still play but will have their game defaulted by the court supervisor.
  • It is each team’s responsibility to check the draw regularly and to turn up on time for games and for duties.


  • Every team must pay the entry fee before their entry is confirmed in the league.
    School players and student players may receive a 50% discount at our discretion.

Duty Teams

  • Each team will be required to perform a duty (on average every six weeks). This requires only three players (to referee and score one game each). Duties are scheduled in the draw and we do our best to ensure that the duties are evenly spread between teams. Each player should therefore only have to do a duty once in each of the 9-11-week rounds. Teams that fail to do their duty may concede 3 competition points and we reserve the right to eject the team if duties are continuously missed.


  • Teams are expected to bring their own balls to warm up with and play with.


  • Draws and results are posted regularly to the website.  From time to time we will need to amend the draws because of unforeseen circumstances.  When this happens, the new draw will be uploaded onto the website and an email will be sent to the contact person in your team.  If you have a legitimate preference, then let us know.  However, we cannot always cater for your preferences and this is not guaranteed.


  • Results are posted on the website after each round  The scoring system is: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, plus total sets won. (incomplete sets where one team has reached at least 8 are scored at 0.5).


  • Teams that have the highest total score in each grade in each term are entitled to a new volleyball which will be delivered within a week or two of the end of the round.

Fair Play

  • Please treat other teams and players with respect and courtesy. Our leagues are about having fun! Teams that do not abide by this very reasonable rule may be asked to leave our competition.